Exposed: Drayden.


Drayden's lineage runs as follows: Daly, Delphine.

Drayden is sire to 10 other vampires, including: -Anastasia-, Ebonknight, Prowler, Briony, Kervin, Kiriou, Staziker, Dark Kat, Serenity Kanna.

Drayden's Rude, conceited, and arrogant. He's everything a sane person would never want. He's unstable, partially psychotic. Has the worst temper you could ever imagine. He hates a lot of people. (To each their own.) He rarely gives second chances. He despise apologies. He is quite over-bearing, over protective, possessive, angry, spiteful, harsh, and blunt. He can be rather irrational at times, completely absurd and foolish.

He has the most perverted sense of humor, and doesn't give a fuck who likes it or not. He's not one to care for other's opinions of him. He's sure he'll have a worse one of you. He's a stubborn prick about ninety percent of the time, & he enjoys getting his way. He tends to take advantage of pathetic 'pires, just knowing, no matter what he does, they won't go anywhere, and it amuses him greatly. He has a lot of Regrets, but then again, they aren't regrets. More along the lines of obstacles that he had to learn from. That of which he hates doing.

He loves alcohol, and loves smoking mary-jane. (If you're undead, why waste it sober?) He enjoys being fucked up, abuse, violence of any sort. He's a sadomasochist, though, as anyone does, he has rare 'lovey-dovey' moments. He is extremely Dominant, and opinionated. He can bet that you won't like what comes out of his mouth. You won't like him, and he won't like you. There are only a rare few he calls his 'friends', and he does not give his trust out easily. He's a hard nut to crack.